See a Show and Change the World

As CTO of Geotix, I work with an amazing team, building a world-class event ticketing system. I know it sounds cliché, another software company trying to do something that ‘changes the world’. Sounds like a skit on Silicon Valley. (Wait, it is a skit on Silicon Valley.) Touché, but stick with me here,... [Read More]

The What not the How

I recently read the Quora question What is Alan Kay’s definition of Object Oriented? answered by Alan Kay himself. And he rightly pointed out we NEED to turn our design skills and attention focusing on the What and not the How. Yet every day I am surrounded by the... [Read More]

Detroit Coffee Shop Tour

I’m staying in Detroit for the holidays and thought I’d do a working tour of area coffee shops. First stop - Mighty Good in Ann Arbor These guys were very friendly, almost too much so. Music moved through the day, starting with some soul... [Read More]

New Home

I finally decided to move my blog over to Jekyll. If you were redirected here you were probably looking for one of these posts: Rails exception handling - Egregious Backbone.js and dependent selects Rails 3 templates and engines [Read More]

Rails exception handling - Egregious

Version 0.2.10 released to rubygems on 10.27.2015 Added support for exceptions that define a http_status. The exception map can override this. This is a good way to allow a raise to specify a http_status using a custom exception. The idea for this came... [Read More]