As CTO of Geotix, I work with an amazing team, building a world-class event ticketing system.

I know it sounds cliché, another software company trying to do something that ‘changes the world’. Sounds like a skit on Silicon Valley. (Wait, it is a skit on Silicon Valley.)

Touché, but stick with me here, it’s a fact and not a fake one: One ticket can change the world.

Say What?

Look, the human experience is tough. Life has a way of putting heavy rocks on our backs that we carry around and they weigh us down.


Entertainment transports us, much like a mini vacation to someplace else. It lifts those rocks from and releases us from the heaviness of life, making life better and that makes us better. Better able to do great things.

A great live performance is an experience that can change our perspective. It can lift our spirits and our eyes to what’s really important. It can make us laugh at what’s really scary and can even scare us for laughing. It can start a conversation that we might never have. It connects us to what matters, to ourselves and to others.

Look, a play might not bring world peace, but if you took two world leaders to see the magic of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, they’d be hard pressed not to agree on at least one thing. Even if it’s that they prefer Mamma Mia!. It’s a start.

With everyone looking at their phone all the time.


Getting out with others, and actually interacting, face to face, can reconnect us.

Try it.

What would happen if we all took this one step forward together? If each of us, got out and saw some local show, or music, or festival, who knows what might change? Could be the world! Or just you. But it takes one ticket to one show…