Backbone.js and dependent selects

I had a fairly simple development task. Once I've done 20 different ways over the years. I have a select control with customers. When it changes I need to load the set of customer shipping addresses. The client code was a combination of jquery ajax calls and a custom client... [Read More]

Rails 3 templates and engines

What I really wanted to do was to setup a rails 3 environment that uses engines to organize modular functionality.It has ALWAYS been my experience that any project will quickly get out of hand if the organization is not tackled very early. Rails projects get messy fast.... [Read More]

Erector - ruby CRUD views

In my last post I created a simple Erector view with a layout and talked about the pro's and con's of using a ruby class based view. Before we go any further I want to re-establish that I'm not a fan of markup. So if you are a markup jockey... [Read More]

Erector - Object Oriented views

I just got back from railsconf. On the plane ride home I decided to take a look at Erector. Erector, besides having a cool name, is a dsl for writing markup. It is very similar to markaby, except erector views are not templates, they are plain old ruby objects.... [Read More]

Railsconf 09 -Vegas

Here are my takes on the railsconf 09. It was my first railsconf. I've attended many JavaOne and MSFT PDC's, dating back to 1990. What struck me most was the enthusiasm of the community. You get that vibe in general, but to see a ballroom full of rails enthusiasts is... [Read More]