Creator of software value using clean software, clean architectures and agile methodologies.


Leadership, architecture, clean code, TDD, agile, communication, technical writing and speaking




  • Co-founded company - twice an Inc 500 fastest growing company
  • Designed and built a low cost, accurate and durable infrared golf simulator
  • Designed algorithms to calculate physics of ball flight, using best fit analysis
  • Built Live multi-platform gaming server, key and licensing server, order management system, integration server
  • Over $30 million in revenue


➡ acquired by SAP for 8.3 billion
Chief Architect
  • Joined Concur as employee 40. Built the first client server version of the product (2.0). This product launched Concur into the enterprise space.
  • Project lead and architect for first web app (3.0). One of the first web apps in production anywhere. Included the design of an object transport markup that pre-dates and was very similar to json. Included an object model layer that separated the view and the business logic.
  • Launched SaaS version of expense. It was one of the first ever SaaS products to market.
  • Architect and lead for 7.0 - a multilingual, multi currency version of the expense product. Featured an efficient data access layer that optimized queries, an automated test generation process, an advanced ORM with SQL parser, and a view definition language that generated code.
  • Introduced Concur to agile methodologies.
  • Designed and coded the rules and workflow engines, still running backbone of Concur.


➡ acquired by Exact Software
Research and Development Lead
  • Built a report writer that within 6 months did 10% of the companies’ revenue. Included visual programming/layout language, virtual document manager and RTF reader and writer, was blazingly fast.
  • Lead a team to build the platform that the next generation of accounting products would run on top off. Included object oriented reusable components, a visual UI layout tool an object relational mapper that was event driven, an integrated scripting language that interacted with the object model.

Washington State Senate

  • Built tools to track elections, constituents and bills.


B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science, Magna cum Laude, Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

Senior Thesis: Chaos Theory - Self-Similarity of the Mandelbrot Set