Senior Chief Technology Officer with 25 years of expertise in leadership positions who has developed a unique and potent combination of business and technical skills and abilities. With a passion for collaboration, thirst for continuous improvement and a commitment to optimum results.


✓ Executive Management/Leadership ✓ Agile Methodologies ✓ Software as a Service (SaaS) ✓ Technical Architecture ✓ System Integration ✓ Software Development ✓ Data Warehousing/Analytics ✓ Security and Risk Management ✓ Product Management ✓ Team Building and Development ✓ Cloud Computing ✓ User Experience (UX)


Evvnt | London, UK


Built a scalable, high availability, white-labeled event ticketing platform. Including strategic planning, fundraising, budgeting, hiring, retaining, training and galvanizing a technical team to deliver high quality, innovative analytics, and web and mobile products.

Key Achievements:

  • Built secure, scalable, multi-lingual, multi-currency, cloud based self service event ticketing and marketing platform with $65 million in sales over 800,000 events.
  • Created an international, multi-currency, multi-product data warehouse and analytics.
  • Created an always be shipping agile culture/process with the ability to reliably deploy product in parallel many times a day.
  • Increased quality by 500% reducing defects, increasing retention, satisfaction and reducing customer support load.
  • Recruited, hired and retained talented technical/product team in the face of significant pandemic market challenges.
  • Designed and lead DevOps transformation to a blue-green, reliable scalable cloud based operational infrastructure. Resulted in an increased development speed and site/deployment reliability by 400% and lowered infrastructure costs by 75%.
  • Defined a company wide design system based on Google’s Material Design.
  • Built open source front end presentation layer that results in new products/features being developed 300-500% faster with higher quality and design system consistency.
  • Note: Operated as Geotix until its acquisition by Evvnt in July of 2020.

Key Duties:

  • Created/managed strategic roadmap across product lines, collaborating with cross department business owners.
  • Team growth/hiring domestically and off-shore.
  • Managed operational and headcount budgets.
  • Managed external partner selection, relationships and integrations.
  • Managed personnel across product, data and support departments/teams.



Created, designed and manufactured the software, hardware and every other element of a beloved product that allows golfers to improve their game and play against others across the globe.

Key Achievements:

  • Generated over $40 million in revenue, with loyal fans worldwide.
  • Twice an Inc 500 fastest growing company.
  • Featured on the Golf Channel, carried in every major golf retailer.
  • Built Live multi-platform gaming server, key and licensing server.
  • Built an aggregating order management/shipping system.
  • Built a powerful integration server with a durable data pipeline for managing complex integration managing shipping routing, external system failures, including EDI integration with major retailers.

Key Duties:

  • Responsible for hardware and software design, marketing, advertising, PR, sales, fundraising, international manufacturing, order-fulfillment, accounting and customer support.

SAP Concur

Chief Architect

Responsibly for every major technical decision, project, release and development process. Reported directly to the co-founder and CTO.

Key Achievements:

  • Joined Concur as employee 40 and served as the lead architect up to 800 employees.
  • Product lead revenue growth from $1 million to $350 million annually.
  • IPO in less than five years — eventual acquired by SAP for $8.2b
  • Built the first client server version of the product (2.0). This product launched Concur into the enterprise space.
  • Designed and led the team that delivered one of the first web business apps in production anywhere. Included the design of an object transport markup that pre-dates and was very similar to json.
  • Launched SaaS version of expense. It was one of the first SaaS products to market.
  • Managed technical and cultural integration of multiple acquired companies.
  • Designed and led major international rewrite (7.0), including multilingual, multi currency version of the expense product.
  • Created platform that allowed deep customization of core product by the system integration team, driving 40% of enterprise revenue
  • Introduced and scaled agile methodologies to team sizes as large as 75 people.
  • Designed and coded the rules and workflow engine, still running the backbone of Concur.

Key Duties:

  • Lead all major product release projects/teams during tenure.
  • Responsible for all technology platform and architecture decisions.
  • Managed up to 75 people with direct line authority, and 200 people with indirect authority.
  • Sales technical closer for key fortune 100 accounts, including Sprint, and SBC.
  • Speaker at annual users conference and industry technical conferences.
  • Ensuring no brown M&M’s.


B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science, Magna cum Laude, Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University

  • Senior Thesis: Chaos Theory - Self-Similarity of the Mandelbrot Set
  • Awards: Outstanding Senior in Mathematics
  • Member: William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition